Living my life the right way!


My name is Alicia Wright and I live in Boise, Idaho.  I am a happily married mom of two beautiful and very different daughters.  My husband and I are both in Education.  I am a junior high school teacher and he is a junior high school principal, which makes for some interesting dinner conversations.  We both love being fit and incorporating fitness into our family.  I have been a certified fitness instructor for the past 20 years and I am currently working on my fitness nutritionist certification.  I am also an avid runner who has ran 2 marathons including the New York Marathon.  My goal is to be the best mom I can be while still balancing health, family and my faith.

While that all sounds great and I seem to have it all together, I have had a lot of struggles the past 8 years.  About 8 years ago I passed out while driving home from the gym after teaching one of my early morning fitness classes.  Thank goodness I was not hurt.  I went in to see my doctor who told me I probably had a low blood sugar issue and passed out.  So she urged me to be sure and eat something small before my 5 AM workouts.  So I listened to her and started eating small things before each class.  Fast forward to one year later and I had a similar issue at home.  My husband and daughters witnessed this incident which was a seizure.  All of a sudden after several tests, MRI’s, EEG’s and CT scans I was diagnosed with Epilepsy even though all my tests were normal.  This was very difficult for me to grasp.  I am healthy, eat well, and very fit.  I was immediately put on seizure medication and started making some changes to my lifestyle.  I am currently living a very active life and living with my epilepsy diagnosis.  Although I still struggle with the diagnosis and I have been working with several doctors who specialize in alternative treatments to epilepsy I still manage to lead a normal healthy and active lifestyle.  I am still dealing with this diagnosis 8 years later and this post was very difficult for me to write, however I feel that I need to share my struggles and my story so I can heal and help and inspire others.   I hope to incorporate my struggles, health tips and story throughout this blog.


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